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Ingleton, North Yorkshire

River Doe
Trout fishing River Doe
River Doe Brown Trout
Fishing on the River Doe
River Doe near Ingleton
Ingleborough & the River Doe

Mitre Angling Club have over 2 miles of prime trout fishing on the River Doe near Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales. Fishing is preserved for the exclusive use of members only, with no day tickets issued. The River Doe is a very high quality limestone stream, which, except in times of heavy flood, when it receives surface water from the Chapel-le-Dale valley, receives its entire flow from underground springs near Gods Bridge.

It is thought that this water comes via the underground cave systems from the Kingsdale area, i.e. the next valley. As a result of its journey through the limestone cave system it carries a high calcium content, and is a highly productive river with lots of crustaceans (shrimps and crayfish) and snails. There is also plentiful fly life and consequently plenty of nymphs (predominantly stonefly). In spring the entire bottom is often covered with the cases of fast water caddis. There is also a prolific population of bullheads and some minnows in the lower part of the stretch, hence there is plenty of food to grow the fish on and the water produces fish of 3lbs+ most seasons – one of 4 lbs was recorded in 2004!

Because there is a natural progression of fish from fry to adult, then there are a large number of undersized fish, and it is not unusual to catch 40 or 50 fish in the day when conditions are right (May to the end of August with a foot or so of water on). The best time to fish the River Doe is the day after heavy rain. If you leave it longer you may find the water has gone, and under low water conditions the fishing is a real challenge.

On the right day, the River Doe is a stunning and delightful place to spend a few hours or a full day fishing for trout - fishing in the Yorkshire Dales under the shadow of Ingleborough. It's a dry fly fisher's paradise, covering rising fish or searching the water with a well placed dry fly, searching every likely looking lie. Mitre Angling Club have a hut for members to use when fishing the River Doe.

There is some confusion over the name of the River Doe and its near neighbour, the River Twiss. Many people will tell you that they have been mixed up and the Doe is the Twiss and vice versa! It is thought that Ordnance Survey maps of the area got the names confused many years ago and this has stuck to the present day. Mitre AC are keeping with the name as printed on current maps.

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